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With as many diverse perspectives as collaborators, MONU #26 DECENTRALISED URBANISM probably originated in a triggering question: Are cities like London, New York and Paris, with their centralizing power, the ones to blame for Brexit, Trump, and Marine Le Pen?

The result is a striking vision that defines what urban is, or may actually be: empty church squares, outlet malls in the middle of nowhere, logistic harbour landscapes, brand new houses on sandy roads, quiet shops in post-industrial suburbs, vacant residential developments in small villages, agricultural landscapes and community gardens, and of course cars, cars and parking lots everywhere.

In this sense one of the articles that I find central to the issue is "The Autoroute State and the Geeks Empire" by Constantina Theodorou, who questions the narrative of the Urban Age and asks for new understandings of what urban, central and territoriality mean.

přehled můžete jak vyhledávat, tak i zadávat všechny druhy přeprav.

Jako příkazce popište Vaši zásilku co nejpodrobněji - uveďte velikost, druh, hmotnost, výchozí a cílové místo.


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