To elucidating

Perhaps you will be good enough to elucidate this new mystery. Beauregard to elucidate this important characteristic. This letter might elucidate it—might throw light where so much was needed.I do not mean that we are never to elucidate connexions and contexts.

Taking these issues into account appears to be relevant when developing, deliberating, deciding on, implementing, and using smart-glasses.He returned the proof, saying that he could not accept any of it as elucidating the exact area of a circle, or as Euclidean.However it may be, we will for the present leave to others the task of elucidating the question of origin. Whewell's work was written for the purpose of elucidating them, which he does at great length.So elucidating was the moon's light that it left no room for confusion or doubt.If by aid of abridging, elucidating and arranging, we can get the reader engaged to peruse it patiently;—which seems doubtful.Elucidate the accident, by which you had me kidnapped to be sold into slavery.


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