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I, like most people, I’d imagine, regret that I found certain traits so important, and as I get older, I find myself regretting unexpected things.Namely, I regret that “Returned Missionary” had such an unshakable place on my checklist.We’d decorate our first home with flags and native prints and tell our children his stories. It’s been four years since I left the Young Women’s and a lot has changed since then.My list is no longer hair/eye color focused and I’ve become incredibly picky when it comes to the spiritual things. With the amount of missionaries being called into the field, there will likely be a lot of hopeful young men and women waiting and writing their faithful missionary friends. They will still remember the shared experiences you have, but they will have a new love for the gospel and for The Lord that may draw you apart if you do not truly have that same love and passion for the gospel. Hales gives the perfect example of what you should do. Ask God to bless you with spiritual experiences to match the ones your sweetheart is having. Anytime they see a person of the opposite sex they will probably think about you. They will be constantly on the spiritual rise and if you don’t rise with them, you will most likely grow apart. The work they have been commissioned by a prophet of God to fulfill. Everyone is different, (and feel free to disagree with me here), but when a missionary gets one of those letters, it could be a few days before they snap out of the distraction that this creates.

One of my own companions has already left the church.

It’s a hard world we live in, and we cannot allow the environment in our wards and hometowns to be just as hard for someone who is struggling. I remember sitting in my young women’s class one Sunday with a bookmark-length piece of paper my leaders had passed around resting on my lap.

Dotting the top and surrounded by curling filigree were the familiar words “What I Want in a Future Spouse.” I wrote down some stupid things, like dark hair and beautiful brown eyes or someone who is tall — it’s really funny to see how preference changes over time — but then there were more important and personal things, too, some that, as a girl, I don’t think I understood fully.

“Only marry an RM.” This the worse dating advice one can give a YSA.

Not because serving a mission is bad, in a matter of fact, every able-bodied young man has been commanded to serve a mission!


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