Kristen stewart dating robert pattinson

The real-life former couple may have broken up and had new partners, with Stewart even admitting that she's a lesbian, but despite this, fans are expecting to see more of the "Remember Me" actor and the "Cafe Society" star together.

Could two of the Hollywood's biggest stars go for a reunion?

But don’t worry: she’s okay now, even if “Twilight” fans are still mad at her about the breakup.

“I don’t view the whole 'Twilight' blow-up as being generally traumatic,” she says.

It wasn’t this grand statement, ‘I was so confused! ’ I have not been struggling.” The 26-year-old, who recently declared that she’s “so gay” during her appearance on ] shaped me enormously.

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, the actress reflects on her highly publicized relationship, which she initially only spoke about when she was caught cheating with director Rupert Sanders, with the British heartthrob.Meanwhile, Robert Pattinson is chilling, living his best life, wearing luxurious Dior cropped sweaters and being almost married to FKA Twigs.Nobody asked him, but I think he’s doing just fine, too.Back in 2009, teenagers the world over were obsessed with ‘Twilight’ stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson and their obvious, but very secretive, relationship.And when they broke up, they crushed the dreams of millions of young fans.But then I can’t walk outside holding somebody’s hand, as I’m followed everywhere,” Stewart continues.


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