Droid gallery not updating

It has enriched our experience with our phones at one hand, and posed a few problems like bootloop or a bricked phone in rare cases.

Most of phone-freaks like me spend their days doing nothing but trying almost all custom ROMs and mods available out there to tell other what is good for them.

droid gallery not updating-14

There’s no definite fix for battery issues due to a few factors one must consider. Sir, I have recently updated my Galaxy Note 3 (SM N 900) to Lollipop version 5.0 after I got an update alert. I read your thread about these problems and I’m also having the same problems. I don’t know why it still exits when Samsung stops its service. In fact, Google developers deserve a big part of the blame in this matter.

This is just one of many cases where Android users are met with an empty Gallery.

The reason for this is file is generated by error inside every media directory on the device, restricting Gallery apps from indexing the media files inside those folders.

“Bootloop” is a very familiar term for smartphone users whatever OS they use, but it is definitely more familiar to Android phone users.

Android being an Open Source operating system, is open to third party modifications.


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