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Due to PKGORIGIN limitation, we cannot build one python port with python27 and the other with python33 since they require different setuptools versions which have same PKGORIGIN.With the addition of py-setuptools, we could now have py27-foo and py33-bar coexist in one system. While this is all true, there is still a gap for a good package manager that needs filling.

bsd pkgupdating f-84bsd pkgupdating f-71

Disks will be systematically partitioned using GPT, with a possible exception for the disk used to boot because installation of Free BSD 8 can be a bit more complex.Free BSD’s response has always been, (not actual quote), “We have the ports collection, which is cooler and more flexible than just having some easy to use package manager.You can always do it yourself by writing scripts around the pkg_* tools or using portmaster’s –packages-only option”.# igor pkg-updating.1pkg-updating.1.gz:18:date not today:[February 12, 2012] pkg-updating.1.gz:34:sentence not on new line:of the installed ports.[Alternative a list of pkg-names could be passed.] pkg-updating.1.gz:44:sentence not on new line:are shown.First let’s install pkgng, (should we be calling it simply ‘pkg’?


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